General Medicine and Vaccinations

Dogs and cats are living longer due to advancements in veterinary medicine.  From the puppy exam to the senior dog, our job here at the Lloydminster Animal Hospital is to assess and treat concerns related to the health of your pet.  Did you know that dogs and cats can develop similar disease conditions to people such as diabetes, glaucoma and even cancer?

Dogs and cats age differently than people do, so in order to assess the health of your pet, it is very important to book an annual health exam.  It is on these yearly exams that we compare the pet’s weight, dental condition, and general health. While performing a routine exam, we often detect health concerns that the owners may not have been aware of. As your pet ages, we recommend general blood screening to assess internal organ function. This is exactly what your human doctor recommends for you as well.
Many of the contagious diseases seen in dogs and cats can be reduced with appropriate vaccinations. In dogs, the most common diseases that we vaccinate for are Parvovirus, Distemper virus and Rabies virus.  In Cats, we recommend vaccinations for upper viral infections such as Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus, Feline Leukemia virus, and rabies virus.  We assess and discuss the appropriate vaccination protocols for your individual pet.  This is a part of the overall pet wellness plan developed for your pet here at the Lloydminster Animal Hospital.