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The most common species cared for at our Hospital are cats and dogs.  We also have experience with a wide variety of other species as well.  “Pocket pets” including hamsters, gerbils, and guinea pigs all require veterinary care, as do pet birds, ferrets, rabbits and reptiles.  These pets often have unique care requirements and illnesses


Many of the patients that come to our hospital are healthy!  Yearly physical exams on mature pets and puppy or kitten appointments are a very important part of their health care.  Many of our patients have a life span of twelve to sixteen years.  An annual visit to a veterinarian would be the same to your pet as a human seeking medical care every five or six years.

Equally important is the fact that our patients can’t talk, making the annual physical examination an important opportunity to pick up problems before they become more serious.  Vaccinations against common diseases, appropriate nutrition and parasite control of worms and fleas are all frequently discussed during these visits.