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Laboratory Services

State of the art diagnostic laboratory services are very important in the timely and accurate diagnosis for our patients.  Lloydminster Animal Hospital uses a full array of IDEXX laboratory equipment in hospital to allow for extremely fast blood and urine results for our patients allowing for proper diagnosis and faster treatment, especially in emergency situations.  We also utilize the services of our IDEXX reference laboratory in Calgary to perform blood tests that cannot be run in clinic or those where timing is not as critical.  Even with these send out tests, results are usually available within 2 working days.
We also utilize our reference laboratory to provide diagnostics on biopsy samples and the lab also provides us with the ability to discuss complicated cases with board certified experts.  We can also send ultrasound and digital radiology studies to experts for interpretation via telemedicine.  This can allow us to obtain information faster for the client from a specialist without always having to send the client to a referral facility saving time and money.