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We offer a range of minor surgeries such as castrations, cryptorchid castration, lump removals, wound treatments, umbilical hernia repair, eye injury treatments, etc. We are equipped with a surgical room with padded walls and floor designed for safest recovery from surgery, and can do minor surgeries on farm as well.

Diagnostic imaging:

• Portable digital x-ray: We are capable of getting xrays of limbs (hoof to stifle and hoof to elbow), teeth and head. We most often take these in clinic but can go out on farm as well.

• Ultrasound: Our ultrasound can image tendons, abdomen, and reproductive tracts to assist in diagnosing problems to help our equine patients.

• Endoscope: This is a long tube with a camera on the end that we use to examine airways. It can check the guttural pouches, larynx, and trachea (wind pipe).